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No matter what your application will be used for; blogs, e commerce, business site, or whatever you will find a large assortment of options that our mediatemple coupons will work for.  You will find great deals on VPS hosting, word press hosting, shared hosting.  Need specialty hosing services like dedicated hosting or fully managed VPS hosting?  Media Temple has them available to you.  With close to 20 years in the hosting industry Media Temple prides themselves upon being industry leaders.

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About Media Temple

Media Temple was founded in 1998 by Demian Sellfors and John Carey (not Jim or Drew).  The company’s home base is planted in California, specifically Culver City which is on the outskirts of Los Angeles.  During their 17 years of existence they have experienced unbelievable growth and continue to offer exceptional services utilizing current technology that continues to change and morph on a daily basis.  They provide services to close to a quarter of a million customers that include some huge names in an assortment of industries.  Media Temple continues to grow their service and pride themselves on the fact that they have such a wide array of customers from beginner website owners to those with complete teams managing their websites.

2013 was a huge year for Media Temple and its customer base.  With ever increasing competition they recognized the need to provide a higher level of service via 24/7 multi channeled support.  So Media Temple set the bar even higher with their premium service called Cloudtech.  Later in the year GoDaddy took control of the company and started bringing their direction of management to the Media Temple team driving vast improvements in their services.  Since then they continue to upgrade and drive improvements resulting in better value for your hard earned dollar.  The focus on driving improvement has resulted in driving overall better service to new and current customers.  As a result Media Temple’s growth continues to exponentially increase which continues to drive internal improvements.

With GoDaddy in the front seat helping driving direction the sky is the limit for your specific website’s needs.  Utilize our Media Temple Coupons to receive the best possible savings and get the largest bang for your buck with unbelievable unique services at Media Temple.

Services offered at Media Temple, our Review demonstrates how they beat the competition

Here are some of the services that Media Temple currently is offering.  Keep in mind that there are more as you will discover as your journey begins with the webhosting experts.  And you get this at an even better price with our Media Temple Coupons!

*** Domain Registration – naturally this is something that should be a huge strength with GoDaddy’s influence and it is.  The fact that you can search, purchase and register your domain within the Media Temple template makes it extremely easy, basically it’s an all in one exclusive service.  It’s extremely easy to use and compared to other Hosting services the ease and transitions can’t be matched.

*** Hosting services – from basic wordpress hosting to the more advanced fully managed VPS hosting packages Media Temple over delivers with goodness.  Media Temple continues to drive improvement across the total hosting platform.  You can choose your hosting service and partner it up with a specific web design platform in order to customize your service with your specific needs.  Media Temples flexible plan combinations is another example of how they are working to provide a greater service than their competition.  They hands down over deliver services for the money.

*** SSL Certificates – Media Temple incorporates SSL certificates in many of their hosting packages, some of the basic packages do not however if you were to spend your savings on these it would provide a better valued deal.  SSL Certificates ensure that your website and your customers stay secure.  These are an absolute must for websites that take security serious such as e-commerce, you and your customers will be ensured personal information is secure.  SSL Certificates have also been known to help your websites online presence.  The fact that Media Temple once again incorporates these certificates into their services is another example of how they provide a greater value for the price.  They outperform the competition once again. Remember to use our Mediatemple coupons to ensure you incorporate the SSL Certificates when setting up your website.

*** Cloud Based Tools and Services – Media Temple has partnered up and incorporated many of Google’s business tools.  Their C-panel is easy to use and makes an expert out of even beginner website developers.  They make it pain free and easy to navigate during the creative process. Media Temple makes it easy to integrate the tools into your website design which is always good when you site gets crawled by our friends at Google when they decide to run their next algorhythm.  Again Media Temple is extremely competitive with their services and thus are competing at a very high level.

Media Temple by utilizing and incorporating the latest in technology and highly desirable services makes them an excellent choice for your web hosting services. They meet or exceed the competitions level of standards in order to ensure they provide the absolute best value for the dollar.  That is exponentially increased via the use of our Media Temple Coupons above.  Be sure to capitalize on this additional savings and utilize the code during your final checkout process at Media Temple.