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Code Blue SEO located in Treasure Island Fl has been serving local business’s in the Treasure Island SEO, St Petersburg, Clearwater SEO and Tampa Bay areas for over 3 years. Our team of experts work hard to ensure that their clients receive the best possible search engine optimization services in the area. They are a locally owned business supporting other locally owned businesses. Owner Mike Lollis dabbled in the SEO industry for 5 years before deciding to helping a local business find success with ranking their website. Word began to spread about the results Mike was receiving that he decided to start up his business Code Blue SEO. Code Blue SEO has successfully driving leads to their clients websites by following the following basic steps. Call Code Blue SEO and talk to Mike Lollis about doing the same for your local business.

Website Design and Analysis

Code Blue SEO conducts a thorough review and analysis of your current website before any modifications are made. During this process Mike will look at your website’s structure, content, layout, hosting, and template to understand how your website was built. Understanding these factors is crucial in how a website is received by users as well as the search engines they are listed in. Mike will also take a deep dive look at all the metrics that make up your website to understand the work necessary to move your website up the ranking for the keywords that are vital to the growth of your website.

Website Review and SEO Service Review

Once these initial reviews are complete Code Blue SEO puts together a Proposal of Services for the potential Client. Not every website or business owner is created the same. There are a number of factors that determine the level of service Mike and his SEO team of Super-Ninjas will preform.
Here are some of them.

  • Website Recommendation – Repair or Replace
  • Keyword Analysis and Targeting
  • Competition Level
  • Customer Budget
  • Short and Long Term Goals

After determining the plan of attack with the customer Code Blue SEO will begin the rank improvement process.

Website Optimization

One of the first steps is making sure that the construction is in accordance with what works for search engine optimization. Simply by having this step correct will dramatically increase your sites good standing within the Search Engines. Mike has seen sites jump 2 pages just by ensuring the website is optimized correctly. Most Website Designers do not understand the exact method or manner to build a website that ranks. They certainly can make them look pretty and nice to the eye which is a very important factor but if they are not specifically set up the way Google wants to read them you are not going to rank very well. Website Optimization is one of the most critical ranking factors.

Trust Building

Once the site is as close to perfection with respect to Optimization as possible it becomes time to start building trust with the site. There are several methods used to ensure that the search engines know that they can trust that you are indeed what you say you are. Code Blue follows a specific protocol on every site to ensure that the most optimal results occur. They have a proven specific formula that is followed step by step to ensure that your site becomes trusted generating power along the way. Without Trust your website will fail to break into the top 10 and frankly results don’t occur routinely and regularly if you are not top 10 where consumer eyes are searching. Will Trust be enough to get you into the top 10. Possibly, on occasion where competition isn’t is low simply building the factors that increase your website’s level of trust will be enough but not this is not the norm. Code Blue understands what is necessary and will ensure you the business owner understands that up front.

Authority Building

Becoming an authority on your Business’s subject is vital to increasing rank. If appearances are that you are not an authority but rather a poser with respect to Googles analysis of your website well you again will never see the true benefits of them hundreds, thousands, ten thousands of searchers who look for your services every single month. There are several things that are absolutely necessary to drive up your websites authority and there are several factors that help to increase that perception within the search engines. Ultimately your business must be the local or national authority on the particular niche, product, or service that you are providing.

Powering Up the Site

There are several techniques and methods that must be implemented at this stage to drive and increase the power of your site. Code Blue SEO will continue to implement these methods in a implement, rinse and repeat fashion necessary in taking your business’s website to the very top of the search engine where all of the potential clients are clicking and searching around at. This is basically putting the cherry on top of the Sundae. Code Blue loves the feeling at this point. Celebrating 8 to 12 months of hard work to put our clients business on top with our business owners. Discussing the go forward plan at this point. This is where our customers have a choice to continue to use us or to part ways or continue to use us to ensure they stay on top. This is also where the point in life where our customers become our best employee. They start giving recommendations to fellow business owners, to friends, that become a part of our sales team helping to promote our growth while helping other local business owners who need help.

Code Blue SEO loves the work and it shows. Mike and his band of Ninjas continue to expand their services beyond just SEO. They help drive traffic through Social Media Management. They help build websites to new business or established business owners so that they can begin competing and building the business of their dream. Mike continues to share and customize SEO around his clients and what exactly they can or cannot afford.

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