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Ride like the wind with Site5 “ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!” It’s time to jump on the VPS Train and let the wind blow through your hair. That’s right if you are looking for unbelievable services that can’t be touched. If you are looking for that individual touch for dedicated services. For specialized programs for you sites, its […]

What are Search Engines? Let’s talk about Search Engines and how Site5 can assist you in reaching your consumers on this search engines. Site5 provides it’s users with the tools necessary to make changes and relevance to its clients websites. Some very common examples of Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing these are some of […]

The latest in control Panels making it real easy, cPanel. Site5 makes it easy. Site5 offers services around the world and they are making it easy for users with their control panel named cPanel. Its pretty obvious cPanel is short for control panel. Control Panel is the platform that Site5 users can create, modify and […]

Site5 offers Cloud Hosting Services Site5 bringing you their service much closer to home. That’s right Site5 has Server locations throughout the world and support staff around the world working to provide you with the very best in service and quality. Site5 believes that by bringing their services closer to you and your customers you […]

Site5 Hosting should be your preferred Reseller Hosting Source Site5 Web Hosting is currently offering Reseller Hosting Services that are a step ahead of the competition. Do some research for yourself and you will come to the same conclusion. Site5 currently has 3 plans in which they support their client base which are tiered in […]

What is Web Hosting Lets take a closer look at what Web Hosting is and how Site5 should be your choice of Hosting companies. For most professionals who are have been creating sites for some time this may not be a good blog for you. This is going to address new people to creating website […]

Site5 was founded and started in 1999 when two friends decided to get into the Web Hosting business. With many years of experience in Web Design and Software Applications they quickly established the companies philosophy. They decided that they wanted to provide an easy to use application that would be fun and reliable.