Who are we?

make-a-differenceWe are M&M Investments, a diverse investment agency looking for opportunities to enrich lives through various services. Within our technology based division we offer discounts for those looking to expand their on line business portfolio. Our Investment group is currently in its infancy. We are a relatively new company that is currently expanding our customer base. We are currently in our 7th year of business and continue to find venues to expand into to ensure we continue to be both profitable and of value to our partnerships. We at M&M Investments are extremely proud of our love for the Environment and making a positive carbon imprint within our communities and the world.

M&M Investments and Site5 Partnership Established.

PartnershipWe at M&M Investments is proud to announce our recent partnership with Site5. Site5 is a Web Hosting Service that we are currently using for services on some of our leading websites. One of the many benefits we found with Site5 was their free migration from our previous Web Host providers. They are one of the industry leaders with respect to Reseller Hosting. This was a hidden benefit that we found during the course of researching and establishing a new Hosting source. As most Web Host users discover, often times finding the right Host, who actually provides the necessary services required to keep your website online and working all of the time, is vital. A Websites success is measured by various items such as easy to use, speed, and reliability. Site 5 provides all those services and backs it up with a money back guarantee. We will continue to offer you the comsumer the best deals that Site5 has to offer. If you are looking for a Web Host provider we highly recommend Site5 be your choice. Use our coupon codes to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.