Get on the VPS Train and ride like the wind.

Ride like the wind with Site5

“ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!” It’s time to jump on the VPS Train and let the wind blow through your hair. That’s right if you are looking for unbelievable services that can’t be touched. If you are looking for that individual touch for dedicated services. For specialized programs for you sites, its time to let the hair down and feel that wind blowing that hair back. Site5 is your choice, just look at the packages and compare services. Get signed up for VPS hosting and kick back and enjoy the ride.

Some of you may be saying VPS hosting what is the fuss all about. Why should I even consider buying that level of service What is it? Lets discuss and explain what VPS hosting is and what the benefits are with getting on the train.

VPS Hosting?? VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers.

Virtual Private Servers are Servers that are partitioned into spaces, virtual private spaces, for their clients. It is essentially providing dedicated Servers to their clients without the cost of purchasing and owning your own private dedicated server. Site5 has dedicated servers with these partitions to provide virtual private server space for their clients. Site5’s VPS Hosting services are today’s current approach to time sharing.

There are many benefits to having VPS Hosting. Dedicated Server with its own operating system that is independent and completely controlled by you the client. You will have “super-user” access in which you can modify, control, maintain and/or customize your system to fit your specific needs or desires. Cost is so much cheaper than having or owning a dedicated server, software and hardware is all inclusive with your Site5 price, the cost to maintain and keep up to date falls on Site5’s team. The cost is shared between all of the users on your particular Server. You control your levels of usage, you control the amount of disk space, Ram, Bandwidth. You can adjust based on what your sites needs are.

Site5 offers Managed VPS hosting, Unmanaged VPS hosting, and cloud VPS hosting options. Each of these options is broken down into multiple sub options that are based on individual clients needs. You can purchase the plan based on memory space, disk space, Bandwidth, and multiple other options. With all the various options you will be able to best find the service that fits your need. Site5 should be your choice for services with respect to supporting your sites needs. So jump on board the train, take your shoes off, let your hair down and enjoy the ride. Ride like the wind on your own dedicated Virual Server.

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