Site5 offers Cloud Hosting Services Learn more

Site5 offers Cloud Hosting Services

Site5 bringing you their service much closer to home. That’s right Site5 has Server locations throughout the world and support staff around the world working to provide you with the very best in service and quality. Site5 believes that by bringing their services closer to you and your customers you will enjoy increased reliability as well as performance. Site5 intentionally does not overload their Servers they maintain them at a level that allows them to run at optimal performance rates and provide their customers with 99.9% uptime. Remember Site5 does this at an affordable price. That price becomes even more affordable when you compound it with one of our Savings Coupon. And if that’s not enough they back up their services with a 45 day money back guarantee as you will see during your sign up process. Today we will touch on the subject of Site5’s cloud Hosting Service and what precisely Cloud Hosting Service is and provides to Site5’s customers.

Site5 feels the target audience for Cloud Hosting Services are companies who must have the greatest amount of uptime possible with today’s technology. Cloud Hosting is designed to keep uptime at the max downtime at a min resulting in email and website performance at it’s peak. The service is for customers who seek very high levels of uptime on a budget that doesn’t break the bank. You don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money for complicated multi servers that are load balanced or hardward from VPS’s. No need for dedicated Servers imagine the cost of that. With Site5 Cloud Hosting Service you can avoid those costs and still have access to high end grade hardware with fantastic uptime. These service are the prefect fit for online stores, affiliate markers, web designers, small business entrepreneurs or anyone that desires an outstanding service with the highest levels of uptime.

Really what is Cloud Hosting

Site5 Cloud Hosting Service is a operating system that Site5 employs on their Web Servers that are supporting their service. Essentually Cloud Hosting limits the amount of space or capacity that a user can use to prevent that users service from impinging upon other Cloud users space. In the past if say your website encountered a virus or something that would run rampant within your site driving up your activity causing your site to consume more space on the Web Server others web space would be taken causing slow or downtime for users on that Server. Site5 would have to deploy a team to identify the user whose site is causing the disruption and shut it down until the issue on that users website was resolved. However the damage was done and every user on that Web Server experience poor performance and downtime. Cloud Technology eliminates that. Site5 Cloud Hosting prevents sites that have malware or other issues causing extremely activity on the Server to reach a cap and that is as much space as they get thus not impacting other users on that site.

Site5 Cloud Hosting Service provides optimal uptime and peace of mind knowing that your service will always be performing at it peak efficiency and performance. You can purchase Cloud Hosting at Site5, just click one of our coupon codes and use code to visit Site5’s website to determine the best package that best fits your needs at the best possible price.

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