Site5 offering outstanding Reseller Hosting Services

Site5 Hosting should be your preferred Reseller Hosting Source

Site5 Web Hosting is currently offering Reseller Hosting Services that are a step ahead of the competition. Do some research for yourself and you will come to the same conclusion. Site5 currently has 3 plans in which they support their client base which are tiered in price as well as services. Starter, Standard and Premium Plans allows you to choose the plan that best fits you immediate needs and you can increase your package as you grow you business.

When you compare other web hosting companies with Site5 you will notice some differences. Site5 offers more Diskspace starting at 50 GB, Bandwidth starting at 500 GB, Unlimited Resold Accounts, Free migration, Free Billing Software, and more. They guarantee 99.9% uptime for your customers and they back that with a 45 day money back guarantee.

Site5 allows an individual to get into the Web Hosting game by essentually selling or renting some of his allotted space to third parties. Often Web Designers will offer hosting services to their clients as part of their service and purchase space from the bigger companies such as Site5. Site5 understands that they need to provide anonymous DNS Servers to its cliets. They will often provide their service with a domain name that does not give away who the hosting service is coming from. It is not Site5’s intent to steal it’s clients business. They want to offer and provide the best in Reseller Hosting to better support the vastly large amounts of business related to Web Hosting. Site5 does not look at its Reseller Hosting clients as competition they look at them as partnerships in which they can continue to grow their business.

Site5 continues to make investments in making improvements in with its with the latest in technology. Investments in Research and Design with its team of Engineers and Web Designers to develop and patent new software and hardware necessary to keep up with its competitors. Site5 has exceptional customer support for all Hosting Clients. Site 5 is ready to make you a successful Web Hosting company and absolutely does not want to take any of the credit. They are completely hidden in the background allowing you to take full credit for your hard work and customer relationships.

Make that investment today. Do your research and when you are ready to make the smart choice utilize our discount coupons to save even more for an incredible service. Choose Site5 today for your Reseller Hosting Services.

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