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Site5 was founded and started in 1999 when two friends decided to get into the Web Hosting business. With many years of experience in Web Design and Software Applications they quickly established the companies philosophy. They decided that they wanted to provide an easy to use application that would be fun and reliable.

Site5 wanted to offer customer service support that would further allow its customers the opportunity to take Web Design from the concept level to the launch level without creating extreme chaos and confusion. Site5 incorporated the most advanced technology and continues to employ a group of Web Designers and Techonology Gurus to develop and introduce software to improve ease of use as well as increase customer safisfaction.

WebdevelopmentstepsSite5 utilizes cPanel techology to make Web Design fast, easy and catered to the specific user. The control panel provides many options including links for the latest Web Site fades such as Chat Rooms, blogging forums, and Social Networking sites. Site5 will assist users to take Web design from Planning through Development and Testing to Launch Site5 makes building and launching your site as easy as 1,2,3. Not only has Site5 focused on ease of use to the consumer they have created a company motto on Server Management that is regarded as a industry leader.

Site5 philosophy with respect to customer reliability is industry leading. They employ High-end Servers to stay ahead of the competition. They believe that up time is critical to the everyday user. Site5 has dedicated Engineering and Web Design resources to research, track and evaluate Server handling capacities. They intentionally keep the number of users low on the High-end Web Servers to further improve and maintain system stability and reliability. Most Web Hosting providers try to load up their Servers to fully optimize the space which tends to slow and causes unstable conditions resulting in down time for your Website. Site5 also locates these High-end Servers throughout the world further improving customer service by placing the High-end Server closer you the users customer base. Site5 places focus on the customer via ease of use, reliablity and customer service.

Site5 employees worked remotely from home to further increase customer support. They currently employ 117 experts to support all of the customer needs. They have launched their own softeware called Backlash which provides customer support above and beyond the normal modes of assistance. Site5 offers help through Chat Rooms, Email, Knowledge Based online help, Standard Question support and Community forums. If that is not enough they even offer phone service during normal working hours to discuss your issues and come up with solutions.

You can go to the site and judge for yourself. Site5 is an industry leader and encourages on line reviews so they can continue to get customer input on services. You can review any of the over 4000 reviews currently on the Site5 website.

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