I am going green! Have you heard it before? Site5 lives it

What does it mean to go Green?
Lets talk about going green for a few minutes. What precisely does it mean. It is the decision to reduce the impact you make on Earth but choosing to make smart decisions that that protect and promote the environment. It is pretty much impossible to completely impact your impact on earth but you can make changes that greatly reduce or help the environment. It’s not as simple as dressing in Green or painting your face green for the big day. It’s not going somewhere Green like the park or to the golf course. It is a change in your life. It is the decision to limit your carbon imprint upon the planet.

Simple everyday decisions can make the difference in lowering your impact to the environment. Here are some examples of making an impact to the environment. Using recycled or items made of wood, paper over plastic or better yet a plate that is re-usable and easy to maintain. Saving Energy by not running hot water down the sink or turning lights and other items (TV’s, computers, Fans, Heaters, AC Units, etc) that require power off. Installing low flow plumbing, waiting to do laundry or dishes only once a day or every other day to conserve on water and waste usage. Choosing to use forms of transportation that are Environment friendly such as riding your bike or walking or using buses that can transport large numbers of people, Carpooling with co-workers. Eating Organic Foods where deadly pesticides or environmentally harmful chemicals are used. Buying in bulk which requires less packaging and less trips to the store, planting and maintaining a garden. Using recyclable bags, purchasing and using products from other companies that are making an impact themselves. Site5 is that company when you are choosing a company to host you website. Site5 has decided to go Green.

Lets look at what Site5 is doing to go green
Site5 decision to go Green is not something new. It has been part of their founding principles since 1999. They choose to work hard with being kind to the enviroment. Site5 prides themselves with the knowledge that every decision they make must fundamentally be efficient and sound with respect to the impact it has on planet Earth. With the understanding the you cannot completely elimiate your impact they team up with groups or organizations that make positive effects to the environment. Site5 plants trees to help offset the negative carbon imprint they are making. They research and partner up with Energy suppliers who provide Energy by Renewable Energy. They make it a point to partner with companies that have the same Green philosophy that they have themselves. Site5’s workforce is completely Green. They work from the comfort of their homes saving energy and resources used by having a office space. Their employees do not have drive to work so they reduce further reduce the impact to the enviroment. This also helps with the companies drive to be paperless. Less trees chopped down and waste going to recycle or dumps. If there are any wastes from the company it is in the form of a recyclable material and is recycled. Site5’s primary impact to the environment is from it’s Servers. They make every attempt to purchase equipment that is energy effecient and continue to look for new technologies. Site5 efforts to be green is just another example and selling point for its customers whether that’s the person looking for a Web Hoster or someone getting into Reseller Hosting that would like to lay claim to their Green Efforts. Site5 should be your choice. Use our discount coupons to get the very best in deals with Site5 Green since its founding days.

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