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Why You Should Choose Site5

No matter where you are if you have a website. You’re going to need Web Hosting. So which company do you choose? Cheap Guys? The outfit ran by amateurs who don’t really know what they are doing? or the pro’s with fast, secure hosting? But are any of them going to be there when there’s a problem, if you need help? In fact, might their hosting not be quite as perfect as they promised? Don’t be that person that makes that mistake of sacrificing performance for cost. Go with a proven winner who offers great services at a reasonable price.

In the end there’s only one reliable hero in hosting, Site5 with servers in countries all over the world. Now you can find a home for your website that’s closer to your visitors. Because Site5’s control panel is custom build you find their user interface super easy to use but yet still integrates perfectly with industry Standard cPanel. Then you have their amazingly fast hosting service and a fleet of cutting edge servers around the World. Just like most super hero’s Fast, Strong, and Dedication to ensuring your sites receives the ultimate in services. The team is constantly improving their hosting services to ensure they can’t be beaten by the competition.

In fact Site5’s service is so awesome that they will guarantee 99.9% site uptime or your money back and if you require assistance. Site5 will be there 24/7 via live chat or email support, there’s even phone service during off business hours.

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What separates Site5 from competitors

It is critical for all users to make the right choice when it comes to Web Hosting Services. Site5 is that choice use the coupons to get a great the best available savings. They provides services that are not only fast, reliable, and cost effective they have the tools to hit those requirements and more. If you are looking for a preferred Web hosting Business Site5 is the choice. They have amazing features which include the following:

Super Easy User Interface
Site5 offers a “Super Easy” user interface utilizing cPanel technologies. These technologies allow users from beginner to more advanced levels to make the necessary modifications and changes to their website. Consumers can put personal touches that will set their website apart from the competition. The goal is to make the hosting experience and partnership as fun and easy as possible.

Industry Standard leader in Reliability
Site5 guarantees 99.9% server uptime. Their team is so confident in its ability to keep your site up and on line 99.9% of the time that they are willing to back that up with a money back guarantee. You can sleep easy knowing that you are not losing customer confidence in your site due to Hosting issues.

Worldwide Web Servers
Site5 offers Web Servers around the world for you web hosting needs. Currently they have Web Servers in over 20 different countries in order to ensure your Web Server is close to where your visitors are located. The belief is that this better supports their customers not to impress them. However you should be impressed, this is a pretty amazing service.

100% Off August Services

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Amazing Customer Support
Site5 offers around the clock customer service to ensure you hosting questions or needs are immediately addressed. They even have phone service during normal working hours to assist with any needs you may have. When a chat room just won’t do and you need to talk to an expert they have the answer. Site5 employs Technological “GURU’s” that are Web Designing experts who completely understand the process and what their service capablilities are available to get you to where you want to go. The user friendly Web Site has a Support Page that offers multiple methods of finding the answers you need. Their support system is a key to differentiating them from the competition.

Firm Belief
The team at Site5 is so sure that will meet you Web Hosting needs that they are willing to guarantee that you are completely satisfied that you will get your money back. That’s right they will refund your money free within the first 45 days of service if for any reason you are not completely satisfied.

Outstanding Services
Site5 has an outstanding portfolio of services that they offer their clients. Here are some of the amazing services that you can sign up and receive immediate savings with our coupon codes. Web Hosting typically for the user who may have a few websites there are several plans to sign up for dependent upon your needs. Reseller hosting services for the entreprenuer who wants to sell hosting services to their clients again there are various plans dependent upon your and your customers needs. Site5 offers cloud hosting and reseller cloud hosting to their clients who desire to have dedicated space on Site5’s servers. Site5 has VPS (virtual private Servers), managed, unmanaged, cloud VPS for their users. The services are unlimited with Site5 offering services around the world ensuring their clients experience services close to home.

Green is color of choice
From the companies conception green has been the color of choice. No we are not talking color we are talking about minimizing the impact they are making on planet Earth. They have made it a process to purchase Earth friendly equipment. Equipment that uses less energy, creates less waste, and has increased efficiency. All employees work from home so no building for offices is required, nor do they need to waste fuel driving to and from the office. They are completely paperless which means no trees lose their lives supporting employees efforts. In fact they plant trees annually to make a positive impact on the planet. The team at Site5 are completely dedicated and proud of their teams efforts to minimize the carbon imprint they are making on a daily basis. So yes green is the color of choice and it should be yours too.

Make the commitment
How can you go wrong with Site5. Obviously you are here for a reason you must of heard something positive about this outstanding team and their hosting services. If you still have questions about the quality, reliability or overall performance of their hosting services you can do some additional research by visiting the library of reviews. There are currently over 4000 reviews both good and bad more good about the hosting services provided by this team of experts.

These are not screened, these are truthful testimonials left by our clients. The intent is not to sugarcoat it. They are completely confident with their track record that they want you to post your opinion for others to read. It also provides a great resource for Site5 leadership to make decisions on improving their services. Feel free to write about you experience whether that be a specific service such as web hosting or something general such as how the team of experts treated you questions on website design or hosting services was answered. The intent is to continue to support and surprise their clients with outstanding performance and services.

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